Sunday, July 20, 2008

"A" Family Photo Shoot

Bright and early Saturday morning, I had the privilege of taking some photos of the A Family. They have such cute kiddos, with very expressive expressions. (You know I love that!) Here are some of my favorites that I've gotten edited.

I love it that the 2 year old girlie, Courtney, was right in the middle of a big yawn when I snapped this shot. Perfect expression for a 2 year old! This would be such a cute photo to blow up to 24X36 size...
Speaking of expressions...this was one of the last pictures I took. Miss Natalie was not a happy camper by then! But it made for such a cute dog-gone picture!
Miss Natalie gave her daddy a great big smooch...
Courtney just couldn't wait for me to take a picture of her on this stool..
Oh, my, this little guy is a doll! Tyler is 7 months old. He is crawling like crazy and pulling up whenever he can. Busy, busy little guy! I was trying to capture a grin which would show those cute little 2 toofers!
Daddy and his girls. I think both of the girls' personalities are well-represented in this picture. So sweet...
Courtney loves her big sis!
Mommy and Daddy even have names! Andrea and Shane...
Their family had just gotten a puppy two days earlier. What a sweet little gal she was!
Mommy said something that did not go over too well with Miss Natalie. I thought I missed her expression, but was so excited to see that I was able to capture it!
Tyler the smiler!
Aren't they a cute couple??
Daddy and his happy boy... Mommy gets some lovin' from Miss Courtney...
She's so excited that she starts playing with her shirt!

Bubby only held still for one picture with his sissies...
Off to the races...
Mommy and her princesses...
Wow, she has some long eyelashes. Love this side-view of her sweet little face!
Mom and Dad...
Natalie is such a beautiful girl. My girls think that this girl could be a model! (She likes to pose, too!)
A little daddy/son interaction...
I think that Courtney looks so much like her cousin, Hailey, in this picture!
Miss America... One gorgeous family! (The doggies even cooperated!)

Thanks for sharing your family with my lens! I thoroughly enjoyed your photo shoot. I hope to have your CD ready for you no later than Wednesday, then I'll give you a call!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mc Family Photo Shoot

It was a joy this morning to take some photos of the M Family at their home. Daddy Mark, Mommy Tamy, Karlee Jo-3 yrs, & Logan-1 yr. What a good lookin' family! I just followed them around for a bit as Miss Karlee showed me some of the fun things that they like to do. Her favorite toy today was their trampoline in the back yard. It was very sweet that she wanted to make sure that their net around the trampoline was zipped up so that Loga-Boga wouldn't fall out. What a wonderful big sister she is! Here are Karlee, Logan, and Mommy on the trampoline... Logan was back and forth from Mommy to Daddy and playing as he went. Here he is with Daddy. I think the idea here was to lick Daddy so that he'd put him down and let him somehow get to Papa who had just pulled up to their house!

There was a really cool little toad on the deck in just the right spot to catch a quick picture with Karlee. I love this picture because you can see Karlee's soft little hair growing in and her eyelashes, too! She's had a bit of a break from chemo, but starts it back up tomorrow. So be praying that all goes well. She was feeling good today, so it was a great morning for a photo shoot!
Logan was all smiles once he realized that Papa and Mema were there for a visit!
Smiley Karlee giving her Mommy a cute little grin as she exits the trampoline...
It was quite a challenge to catch a picture with Logan and Karlee together today! This one sums it up really well. They were both picking up rocks--Logan facing one way and Karlee facing the other. But isn't it so cute?? I love it!
Logan looks like a pretty cool little guy with a 'tude in this picture! So many cute expressions at this age!
Karlee is a very sweet little gal, and very polite, too! She even remembers to say "Thank You" when she is given a compliment. Someone's been teaching her well!
Ahhh, fishy crackers. That good Baptist food! :o)
Whee, look what we did!
Pretty little gal in her beautiful dress that billows out when she spins!
Okay, you already know my weakness for little baby toes. Is he a dolly or what?? Sweet little man studying some rocks!

I love this picture in black and white, but just had to keep his original eye color in there. Gorgeous eyes!
Karlee is giving Logan a smooch on the cheek. Hmmm...he doesn't look too excited about it! :o)
Thanks, Mark and Tamy, for sharing your family with my lens today. It was a treat for me!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

K Family Photo Shoot

Miss Caitie was trying to scare me. When I would jump, she would just crack up! Look at those long curls!

Josh and Noah, both such dolls!
It was such a gorgeous fall day!

I love that sparkle in his eyes!

Caitie Grace the Beauty Queen...

Another one of the whole gang...

Silly sissy!

Awww...that's why the kids are so cute! Mom and Dad are cute, too!

Another real smile....

Awww...Caitie was so excited to see all of the cool ladybugs!

After I took this picture I said, "Oh my goodness, Josh! You're getting 'man hands'!" He just grinned! (Silly Miss Janet!)

Okay, after a long photo shoot on a warm day, tights get very itchy!!