Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Piper's First Photo Shoot

Last weekend I had the privilege of doing a newborn photo shoot for 2-week-old Piper. She is absolutely adorable, and I enjoyed my snuggle time, as well as my photo time! Here are some of my very favorite pictures from Piper's photo shoot...
I love how newborns automatically assume the 'womb' position!
Piper was so patient with Miss Janet!  I do believe this little beauty is going to have red hair like her daddy.
You know how I love those little baby toes!  I had to get her siblings in on the action, too!  The grin on Tyler's face is priceless in this shot.
This is one of my very favorites.  It's such a classic newborn shot, which I love!
Isn't it amazing how newborns already calm down when they hear their mommy's voice?  Piper has the cutest little profile!
Look at that cute little dimple on her chin!
Just so sweet...
You just have to have a precious crying shot for newborns, because this is such a big part of who they are at this point in time.  (And it's just so cute!!)
I know, seeing that soft little baby hair makes you want to kiss this sweet little baby-lotion-scented head!
This shot, too, is one of my favorites.  So tender and sweet.  I do believe Miss Piper has her daddy's coloring.
Perfect little lips stand out to me in this shot.
What can I say??  I love those little baby toes!
Piper is so blessed to have two awesome big sisters.
Couldn't resist this shot of Mr Personality!
When Tyler first saw me holding Piper, he announced, "That's MY baby!"  Yes, she is, and I promised to give her back! :o)
Natalie does such a great job with baby Piper.  Even when Piper started fussing a bit, she calmly kissed her on the head and talked to her quietly.  She's a natural!
Miss Courtney will be a fun big sister to Piper.  I love how she is always wearing a ballet costume or dress-up clothes at some point each time I visit her home.
I just love this one!
Wouldn't each one of us love to have a picture like this from when we were newborns?  This will mean so much to Piper when she is older.  Two loving parents...
Fast asleep on Daddy's chest.
Thank you so much, Shane and Andrea, for trusting your newest little treasure to my lens.  She is absolutely adorable, just like her big sisters and brother.  You are so blessed!  I will finish editing your photos and have your Portrait CD ready for you early next week.