Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katie S's 4th Birthday Photo Shoot

Saturday morning I had the privilege of photographing Little Miss Katie, who is turning 4 years old today. She was a wonderful little model, and we had lots of fun capturing her photographs!
Isn't she a little cutie-bug?
With preschoolers, I love to just capture them doing the things that come naturally.  This is one of my favorite shots from this photo shoot.  I love those little ballet slippered feet reaching oh so high!
This expression...I LOVE it!!
This is another one of those shots that turned out great!!  That Katie is a natural!

"How old are you going to be on your birthday?"
This innocent little look is beautiful.  When my 8 year old saw this picture, she said, "Oh she looks like a doll.  One of those sweet little Puerto Rican dolls."  I said, "Sweetie, that's 'porcelain' dolls!"  :o)
Thank you, Scott and Tonia, for trusting your beautiful little princess to my lens.  She was a joy to photograph!  I will finish editing her photos and have your Portrait CD (with these photos and many more!) ready for you by the end of the week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zach W's Senior Photo Shoot--May 2011

Saturday morning I had the privilege of doing a Senior Photo Shoot for Zach W. It was a gorgeous day outside, and we drove up to a beautiful hunting lodge north of the city. What a perfect place for a photo shoot!
Thanks so much, Zach, for trusting your Senior Portraits to my lens. I'm glad that you have to be the one to choose which ones to print, because there are SO many wonderful shots!  I will finish editing your photos and have your Portrait CDs ready for you by the end of the week.