Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monte's 6-Month Photo Shoot

On a pretty October morning, I had the privilege of photographing little Monte for his 6 month portraits. He is such a cutie!
Love his cute little expression in this shot.  His Halloween shirt looks so nice against the autumn background!
It takes a lot of concentration to sit up when you're only 6 months old.  Love that look of concentration on his face!
That little tongue is adorable; as are his beautiful eyes against the handmade quilt.
Now THIS is a cute little punkin!
Sweet baby boy...
There's that cute little tongue again, as he plays with his shoes.
If I had the time, I would love to Photoshop a surfboard and ocean into this shot!
Gotta love the punkin butt.
Thank you, Justin and Megan, for trusting your precious baby boy to my lens. He was a pleasure to work with, just as his big bubby always is. I will finish editing your photos and have your portrait CD ready for you by this weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"S" Family Photo Shoot--Oct 2010

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking photos for the "S" Family. Oh my goodness, I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they view their portraits on their CD. The kids were incredibly cooperative and we had a lot of fun during our session. (Actually, I always have a fun time during photo sessions, but this one was especially fun!)
What a cute family!  They are all dressed in their Mizzou clothes.  Sweet!

Miss Mollea is 6 years old.

Grady is 5 years old.

Miss Kinley is 17 months old.  This kiddo stayed focused for the entire hour.  Her mommy and I were totally impressed!  This has to be one of my favorite photos of all time.  Her hair against that green background reminds me of one of the cute little Suzy Zoo characters!

What a sweet moment in time!

I LOVE the way Miss Mollea is standing in this picture!  Such a doll!

Grady brought a friend with him for the photo shoot.  He told me that he left the bear's helmet at home so that we would be able to see his face in the pictures.  That was great planning ahead!

Totally relaxed and ready for her picture to be taken.  ("I'm ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille!")

Next to little baby toes, one of my favorite things to photograph are cute little profiles.

Catching those 'real grins' are my favorite!

Those big blue eyes are precious!

No wonder they have such cute kiddos.  Mommy and Daddy are a cute couple! are those little toes I was talking about!

I just had to do a black and white with MU colors standing out on this sweet shot.

I think this one (or the first one) may be my favorite group shot.

Off they go to enjoy a gorgeous Autumn day!

Thanks so much, Adam and Melanie, for trusting your family to my lens.  I'm so pleased with how your portraits turned out and hope that you will be, too.  I will have your portrait CD ready to mail to you on Monday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juanita's Extended Family. Part Six

Now our final installment of pictures from Mrs Juanita's birthday party...
I love how he seems to be looking straight into my eyes!
I really love the way the color, expression, and hair blowing turned out in this picture!  Cute!
So sweet!  Love those little arms around Mommy's neck!