Saturday, January 8, 2011

Audrey Jo's 3-Month Photo Shoot

Friday morning I had the privilege of taking photos of an adorable little 3-month-old named Audrey. She has such a sweet temperament and was a natural model!
Love this picture!  Look at those sweet cheeks and the dimpled fingers and elbows.
What a dolly!  My 8-year-old said that she thinks it looks likes Audrey is a teenager holding a camera to take a picture of herself! :o)
Love that mommy/baby eye contact!  So precious!
Audrey's mommy, Jordanne, wore this little dress for photos when she was this age.  Isn't that so neat??
You know how Miss Janet loves those little baby toes!
I tell ya, this little gal is already trying to talk.  It's so sweet how babies this age make sounds that sound like actual conversation minus the words we can understand!
Such a perfect profile!  If you click on this picture to see it a bit larger, you can even see the tiny little baby fuzz on her sweet little face.
Num, num, num...she loves to chew on those sweet little hands!
Speaking of sweet hands, I love this shot of Jordanne holding Audrey's hand in this picture.
Sleepy little gal had to take a little rest at the end of a busy photo shoot.  What a trooper she was!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire photo shoot.  It looks as if she is strumming her fingers and thinking, "Hmm..."  :o)

Thanks so much, Jordanne and Kyle, for trusting your sweet baby to my lens. She is positively adorable and was a pleasure to photograph! I will finish editing her photos in the next couple of days, and will have your portrait CD (with these photos and many more) by the end of the week.