Saturday, June 9, 2012

R & T Family Portraits--May 2012

On a holiday afternoon, I had the pleasure of photographing the R and T families. What a fun group they are!  This photograph session was a Mother's Day gift for the sweet grandma of the family, Allison.  I hope you enjoy your photographs, Mrs Allison!  (You can view the photos at a larger size by clicking on the photo.)
The whole good lookin' group!

Stuart and Amanda, with their cutie-bugs, Michael and Savannah.

Love those dimples!

Love that little profile!

Here are Nathan and Sara, with their adorable son, Sam.

Little Savannah was taking a juice break with her daddy.

Three cute cousins!

The 3 grandkids with Grandpa and Grandma.

I loved all 3 of these shots!

Do I see a little orneriness in those eyes??

Love this picture of Michael!

Love the baby belly showing in this shot!
Sweet little grin!

I was able to get so many great shots of Savannah after Grandma pulled the bubbles out!
Love that little tongue sticking out as she chases the bubbles!

Love this expression!

She was so proud of herself!


Thanks so much, Dan and Allison, Stuart and Amanda, and Nathan and Sara, for trusting your beautiful families to my lens. I had such a great time photographing your families. I will have your Portrait CD's ready for you soon!