Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prom 2011 Photo Shoot: Natalie and Taylor

Natalie and I had scoped out a really neat area to shoot her Prom photos, near old abandoned buildings and a working railroad track, with the view of the city skyline visible in the distance.

Thank you, Natalie and Taylor, for trusting your Prom photos to my lens! I will have your Portrait CD ready for you by the end of the week.

Monday, May 2, 2011

"R" Extended Family Photo Shoot

On a pretty afternoon in April, I had the privilege of taking photos for the "R" family, the "R" family, and the "T" family. What a fun group they were to photograph!  (You can click on each photo to see it at a larger size, then click the 'back' button to come back to this page.)
Here's the whole group, together for a great Mother's Day gift for the sweet gal in the middle!
Stuart and Amanda have two little cutie-bugs, Savannah and Michael.
Nathan and Sara have one little sweetie, Sam.
Here are Dan and Allison, parents to Sara and Stuart.
Oh my goodness, isn't Miss Savannah so adorable??
I love the cute little grin and dimples on Michael!
During the photo shoot, little Sam remembered that he was a Gap Kids model and turned on the charm!
I like this casual shot of the whole group.
So sweet how big bub is checking on his little sis.
All of the grandkids enjoying their Papa.
What a cutie!
Isn't she so precious?
What an adorable little man!
Love this candid shot of Michael with his mommy.
This is one of my favorite shots of the whole day!  Miss Savannah did NOT like laying on her tummy on the grass.  Even crying she is just beautiful!
Don't they look like a neat couple??
Another great group shot.
I'm not sure what there is about this shot, but I really like it.  I have a feeling that Allison will really like it, too.
Three cuties with their grandma.
What a great looking group!
Thanks so much for trusting your sweet family to my lens.  I had a great time photographing each one of you.  I will have your Portrait CD's ready for you by the end of the week.  The CD's will have these photos, plus many many more!